Finance your future!

Finance your website to avoid large bills up-front.

Starting up a business is no easy (or cheap) task. We know this.

We feel that a lot of small businesses don't have websites because like any other marketing tool, websites can be a bit much up front. Although a lot of these companies would benefit greatly from a website, it's just not a cost that they are able to budget for.

Here at Media Shark Inc, we want to help out small local companies by offering financing options... after all - in a lot of cases, the website would provide the extra monthly income needed to pay for it. So it would literally pay for itself.

Imagine a small restaurant that offers a take-out or delivery service. People need to call in to make their order. First of all, what's the phone number? What's on the menu?.


In today's society, most people go to Google in order to find out information about a company. If you are not listed, they will simply go elsewhere. If you are listed, but don't have a menu listed online, they will also keep looking.

The bottom line is that in a lot of cases, you are losing money by not having an online presence. Every minute counts and if you can pay monthly instalments, it may help get that website up and running today!

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